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December 10, 2012
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Give a Gift + Get a Gift II/CLOSED

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 10, 2012, 12:04 PM

Update 12/27

I want to thank everyone who has participated in my second giveaway for the month of December. :heart: I aim to make the next once much more successful with a few more perks (when I'll have the time, I'm not really sure! Money's so tight.), but I can't wait to make another person smile with what I'm able to give them. Take care everyone, and thanks again!!!

And for my fellow commissioners, keep doing a splendid job and always do your best even when it seems no one is looking. :) Believe in yourself!

Happy New Years to all!!!


Helpful Tips/

:iconnotdamien: - a regular commissioner, has featured their previous transactions in their recent blog with a helpful incite on what makes a great commissioner, and the type of quality one can seek, even at an affordable price - all the while giving the artists she bought, a generous spotlight. More info on that here!!

Got any tips one should know on how to be a better artist and an effective commissioner? Comment here - in return I may secure a space for you in the raffle.

:heart: Thanks, NotDamien!

:love: Here are the deviants I featured!


:star: Status and 2014 commissions :star:
:star: Visual pricelist :star:
:star: ADULT Visual pricelist :star:
[Star!] Finished commissions [Star!]
[Star!] Adoptables gallery [Star!]
by :iconizka197:
Her prices start from $1, all the way up to $40. She specializes in Digital Art & Flash Games.

2. Half Price CommissionsI am doing half priced commission services

I do $ Commissions:
:bulletorange:$5 (500 :points:) for a basic pic with just inks, signature and no color. (Be sure to notify me of who or what you'd like drawn)
:bulletyellow:$ 10 (1000 :points:)  and up for a basic full colored pic with signature.
:bulletwhite: Giant pics for $15 ( 1200 :points:) .
:holly: $5 (400 :points:) holiday/birthday gift package (includes: 3 full color pics, 2 B&W pics, 1 sketch, 1 card with personalized greeting and recipients name (via mail)
:star: Commission deals can occur during holidays or I can do half-priced commissions as birthday, anniversary or graduation gifts. (look for deals during holidays in the 411 Journal) *Ask about Special Event commissions*
:new: ACEO Cards will run from $2 (160 [Points]) to $5 (400 [Points]) depending on details and materials used.
The items above are all hand-drawn and colored
[New]  $5 (400 [Points]) black and white/$10 (1000 [Points])  full co
by :iconcandiphoenixes:
Her prices start from $5, all the way up to $10. She currently does Traditional, Digital, Animation, and even Gift Packages!

3. Hiro's Commissions: Open by HirokuYamisuki by :iconhirokuyamisuki:
Her prices start from $5 Sketches, all the way up to $15 Colored Drawings. She specializes also in Prop Making for cosplay/attire-related wear which start at $15. View her Commission Sheet for more info.

4. Commissions Open for 2Payment
All of my prices with examples are below.  Paypal and points preferred.  Points commission widgets can be set up as needed =)  Commissions are worked on in the order that I received the payment.  At least half of the payment must be made up front or after the sketch.  You will be given a sketch of the work being done and that is the only time you can ask for changes.  Since I work with traditional media, I cannot change anything once it is lined or coloured.
What information do you need for a commission or trade?
I need:
-References images.  Full body, and clothed.  Unless you are willing to pay extra, I will not draw full nudity.  If you have no references, I need a detailed description to follow.
-Name of the character
-Name of the creator of the character
-Character's age
-A situation (what is/are the character/s doing?)
What I won't draw
-Anything that violates dA's rules or TOS
-Hate art
by :iconlyricanna:
Her prices start from $3 all the way up to $28. She specializes in Traditional Art, Pixel/Doll Art, and is willing to negotiate with prices for anything you might need.

5. :iconhuuuya:
Her prices are the following -- 5:points: Lineart / 5:points:Chibi / 10:points:Halfbody|Fullbody (including background). Note: She does not draw Hentai, Furry, or Ecchi.

6. :thumb336458221: by :iconthewritingdragon:
Her prices start from 1:points: all the way up to 50:points:. She specializes in stamp-making, Literature Tags, Icons, deviantIDs, Photo Retouches, and Short Stories.

7. Comissions and charms:iconleftlacedivplz::iconpurplebowdivplz::iconpurplebowdivplz::iconpurplebowdivplz::iconpurplebowdivplz::iconpurplebowdivplz::iconrightlacedivplz:
why for the commissions
Why I'm doing commissions is because I need money to help my family buy food and such. Food stamps can only give so much as 200 each month. Okay now  I have to save to get a new laptop now cause I stupidly broke my wireless switch on my laptop, so it's time to get a plug out and and have it hooked up to the land wire. Plus I need to save up to get a car, I finally got my driver's licence after almost 6 months. Getting a car is one thing but I need a new laptop more for internet access. Job hunting is going slow right too it feels like no one is hiring anywhere. But back to commissions...
I am offering chibi commissions for now but if anyone is intereste like a waist up, full body, or something of the sort note me we'll figure out a price and such
by :iconglitter-stitch:
Her prices start from $2.50 all the way up to $5. She specializes in Ponies, both Traditional and Digital Chibi designs. Visit her blog for more in-depth information.

8. Commission Prices (Updated):icontradesopen::iconpointcommissionsopen::iconrequestfriendsonly::icongiftsfriendsonly::iconcollabsfriendsonly::iconkiribansask:
Be warned, some things are cheaper than others. Prices are dependent on how long it takes me to make something. Traditional I can do in a jiffy so it's very cheap compared to digital which I pour my heart over. ;__; Remember, $1 = 80:points: so don't bitch and complain that something's "Too costly" :I
Waiting List
:bulletgreen: - Paid
:bulletred: - Waiting for Payment
:bulletblack: - No payment required
1. :bulletgreen: Journal Skin for :develvivratepes:
Statuses for Each Type
:bulletgreen: - Open
:bulletred: - Closed
:bulletyellow: - Ask me
:bulletgreen:All amounts of points
by :icondragona7x:
Her prices start from 3:points: to 200:points:. She specializes in Traditional Art, Digital Art, Journal Skins, Icons, Speedpaints, and other miscellaneous works.

9. Commissions*I color in colored pencil because I don't do well with marker or CG, but if you wish me to try these mediums instead, please add an extra $3*
Pencil Sketch: $10
Inked (in black): $12
Inked (in color): $15
Inked in black and colored: $25
Inked in color and colored: $30
Set of 5 pixels: $15+
*you specify what you want, and I'll do my best to accommodate you.*
If it is a doll you wish, it must be done on one of my bases, found here: or you may choose one of the bases by Feymeggan, whom has been gracious enough to allow me to use her pixel work for my own monetary reasons, and can be found here: .
*you specify what you want, and I'll do my best to accommodate you.*
Dolls start at a base price of $25.  The price will go up, depending on detail you want on your doll.
I also offer animals for a base price of $15, as well as voodoo dolls for the same price.
by :iconkenlybop:
Her prices start from $10 to $30. She specializes in Traditional Art, Digital Art, and Plush Toys. If you are in need of anything extra, let her know through her contact information.

10. :thumb329898269: by :iconlovarei:
Her prices start from 50:points: all the way up to $25. She specializes in Icons, Pixel Art, Chibis, Bust/Halfbody/Fullbody, with included color. Let her know via note to express your interest!

11. :icondkaycrafts:
Her prices are the following: $5-$15 Earrings, $5-$15 Clay Figurines, $10-$20 Necklaces, $20 Chainmail Bracelets. She also does NOT work with fabric or yarn.


Point Gifts

* Thank you for your support, IceXDragon
- you win 400:points:!!

* Thank you for your support, rainylake
- you win 600:points:!!

* Thank you for your support, NotDamien
- you win 400:points:!!

* Thank you for your support, AnimeAlchemist22
- you win 400:points:!!

* Thank you for your support, NikkiiQ
- you win 400:points:!!

* Thank you for your support, MistaHipstah
- you win 400:points:!!

* Thank you for your support, TaNa-Jo
- you win 400:points:!!

Staying Motivated

Requests: CLOSED
Collabs: CLOSED

Giving the Gift of Giving to our devious community, with our striving artists in mind. :heart:
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MiakaLin Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2013  Student General Artist
Hey Jenn! This is a great thing that you do my friend!
I'm happy to see how you've grown here on da, and
making so many friends and followers!
You've always been a nice gal, but I really respect your
giving spirit!
This world really depresses me at times, but seeing that
there are good people out there like you gives me hope
for humanity!
Keep up the good work, and keep being
who you are my friend!
Thanks for being so awesome!
Crash-the-Megaraptor Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Well, at least I managed to commission someone. X3
TheWritingDragon Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I think I did commissions for everyone who won points :XD: thank you so much for featuring me!!!
NotDamien Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2012
SQUEALS. Q OQ Thank you so much !!! Q w Q <33
Crash-the-Megaraptor Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Just so you know, I've asked ^Lyricanna about a commission. I may ask someone else, but not sure yet. :)
thingsthatscream Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2012  Professional General Artist
Could someone give me a membership? Someone please! Or if someone could share some points? Come on people, help me.. For Christmas?
TheCreativeJenn Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
For Christmas, there are all sorts of giveaways that are better than this which you can get involved with, especially through contests. :) Browse different groups for them, and ask around!

Best of luck to you! :heart:
thingsthatscream Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2012  Professional General Artist
it's wortheless.
HirokuYamisuki Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2012  Student Filmographer
That is really rude of you. Jenn is doing a really nice thing. She even gave you some really good advice. You can't just bage for something then be rude about it when you don't get what you want. You won't get what you want that way. You need to put some hard work into it like all of us are. So please be nice to jenn and the others and maybe people will donate to you. Don't be rude or people wont want to help you out.
thingsthatscream Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2012  Professional General Artist
where do you see that im rude? im saying the truth. that was my post i made it after 3 months of not visiting da and im receiving negative comments about myself now. some people got like 100.000 points, theyre donating them to anyone. im not asking for those people who has very little of them. thats it. im not going to make bitch fights here.
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