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Fan Art + Fan-Fiction DD Roundup

Thu Jul 31, 2014, 8:59 AM
Features by SingingFlames

Hide (Spain x Reader)Nowadays, he finds himself yearning to retch at the pitiful, deplorable sight of her, despising all that she does and speaks, reviling all those clean and unaware simplicities she employs, all that familiar silk in her words. There are the guileless smiles, and the ways in which she’ll still make observances of his weary, trembling condition, bewildered at where it all went wrong. How can she possibly come to understand, after all, why he lingers further into the night's dregs than any other man of his age, without alcohol to pry open his eyelids and prolong his stare? How can she understand why it is that he'd rather have the Devil at his throat than her presence, when at least he is promised that Lucifer will be less ignorant?
He has no idea, no singular semblance of a coherent thought that may allow him to begin, nor sufficiently comprehend what he has undergone in the time since he once lived, which of course comes to lead into dread, coupled with interrogation
by vienna-kangaroo
The Panic Room (A Supernatural One-Shot)“Dean…? Dean?”
The name felt like lead on Sam’s tongue, so thick and heavy that he wasn’t sure if the syllable had actually made it past his lips.
The only reason he was aware of something cutting into his neck was the trail of red that was marking a small pathway against the stark fabric of his shirt. The dark suit and tie that usually accompanied the white-collared look were missing, but he couldn’t remember why.
His brother’s name seemed to drop soundlessly into the dark space before him. Everything felt heavy. Dull. Maybe he was dreaming.
But dreams shouldn’t smell of dust and abandonment. They shouldn’t be framed by cobwebs and wallpaper so aged that their floral design has faded into funeral bouquets. They shouldn’t have flickering candlelight and robed figures looking down on you.
No, dreams shouldn’t be like that.
But Winchesters don’t have dreams. They have nightmares. Sam smile
by kuri-osity

Features by TheCreativeJenn

Features by Lyricanna

To Catch a Goblin by Brakkenimation by Brakkenimation
Thrall by Nicolasaviori by Nicolasaviori
Wolverine by matthewjrawson by matthewjrawson
Clicker Bloater Final by mayonnaiseandbread by mayonnaiseandbread
Weirwood by kenket by kenket
My Neighbor Totoro by SceithAilm by SceithAilm
Deadwood's Al Swearengen by PowerLloyd by PowerLloyd
The Library by moesyoujyo by moesyoujyo
Floating Flowers by Mengluoli by Mengluoli
Smash Bros. by Robotpencil by Robotpencil
Among the stars by Elyses by Elyses
Hero of Time / Hero's Shade by suzumiyamisa by suzumiyamisa
FT a warrior's heart by Kristallin-F by Kristallin-F
Toward-the-sunset by NORIMATSUKeiichi by NORIMATSUKeiichi
Elsa : Maybe snow fall tonight by Lovepeace-S by Lovepeace-S

Features by Ry-Spirit

Blunt the knives! by Kazuki-MENDOU by Kazuki-MENDOU
Crumbled by AlessiaPelonzi by AlessiaPelonzi
Magi by Risa1 by Risa1
Onward to Adventure by Elentori by Elentori
Poison Ivy's revenge by PapaNinja by PapaNinja
Super Mario World by Creamsouffle by Creamsouffle
How To Train Your Dragon 2 by tantaku by tantaku
The Grand Tour by BLARGEN69 by BLARGEN69
by cosmolade
Sen Haku by manusia-no-31 by manusia-no-31
King Kazma by lost-tyrant by lost-tyrant
Where shall we go next, bud? by Ariyx by Ariyx
Flaring Eyes by CPoring by CPoring
Wolf Link Transformation by WhiteFoxCub by WhiteFoxCub
Tangled by rahurns by rahurns
TNS: Child of Light by ElizabethBeals by ElizabethBeals
Attack on titan Bowser by SuperCaterina by SuperCaterina
for   Masashi Kishimoto by kanzzzaki by kanzzzaki
Zelda 80s by Yaguete by Yaguete
Howl 2014 by Bosmitze by Bosmitze
Casey's Hero by RadioJane by RadioJane
Gotta Catch 'Em All by eightbreeze by eightbreeze
Breaking Castle by DarkSunRose by DarkSunRose
Gyokuen Ren and Sheba by ptcrow by ptcrow
Chain Chomp fan art! by VincentBisschop by VincentBisschop
NGE: First, Second, and Third Children by MonicaMcClain by MonicaMcClain
Alex Louis Armstrong. by gongsang81 by gongsang81
Who sleeps in the middle of the day? by Nayshie by Nayshie

[July 2014] Daily Deviations featured by the Community Volunteers of the Fan Art + Fan-Fiction Gallery!
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tantaku Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks for the feature, I'm grateful to receive a DD~
BLARGEN69 Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2014   General Artist
It is such an honor to have been able to be selected along with all of these immeasurable talents!!
AmericanDork Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
A few days later and I'm still excited I got a DD. :chairdance: Thank you again. <3 
Lovepeace-S Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2014
thank u so much for the feature ^w^  ...
kuri-osity Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Beautiful round up! Find it hard to believe I'm the same post as these amazingly talented artists. :faint:
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